Established on 1st of January 2007, Bulboaca & Asociatii has one of the most powerful brands of the law firms in the Romanian market, with predominant experience in financing & restructuring, mergers & acquisitions, insolvency & litigation and labour law. We are involved in some of the most sensible and demanding transactions or matters, very often quite difficult to close or to solve, whereby a staggering, passionate and a determined approach, alongside with the specific legal and business acumen plays a fundamental role. We counsel financial institutions, funds, companies, their senior management or shareholders with respect to situations that are critical. When our clients are facing a major challenge, that is beyond the usual thinking or unsolvable, our experience evidences that also in such situations there are real chances to make a deal or to solve a matter.

Our distinctive approach is reflected in the way we are organised. We keep a ratio of associates to partners that is well below that of other law firms in Romania. We are focused on transactions or matters that require the involvement of the long tested sophisticated experience of our partners. Having as objective a high-quality legal advice, we carefully select the type of transactions or matters we get involved in. We work in teams whose members are having the relevant expertise for the subject transactions or matters. Our selection, promotion and award system is focused with priority on lawyers that are talented and are having entrepreneurial ingredients, that supports our clients in solving their sensible and critical needs