We are a Romanian business law firm founded 
at the initiative and under the leadership of Adrian-Cătălin Bulboacă
on 1st January 2007, 
the day when Romania formally joined the European Union.



Through our distinctive, top quality legal work provided to local and international clients, and through our support for those contributing to humanity, we represent Romania and, thus, Europe itself.

It is, therefore, our moral obligation and that of the Firm’s successive generations to continue to provide distinctive, top quality legal work and to elevate the human spirit by preserving Romania’s historic contribution to humanity, whilst continuing to support the enhancement of its economic and cultural status within the context of its European aspirations.



This is who we are. This is what we stand for. This is what we are all about:

Faith. In the nobleness of our profession, in God and in the human spirit, faith is at the core of the actions we take every single second: if there is not a way, we need to have faith and make one.

Loyalty. Loyalty towards all those whom we serve and the Firm, and towards Romania and its European aspirations.

Family. Family values make us who we are. The education we receive as children from our family influences many of the choices we make as adults. That is why family is so important.

Human Spirit. We are all human beings. Contribution to the elevation of the human spirit is what helps all of us advance in our human knowledge.

Perpetuity. We are Clock Builders. That is to say our Will is to be transferred from Firm’s generation to generation.



As part of a November 2012 strategic inner re-thinking, codified Project Marshall, in April 2015 the Firm began a process of revealing and implementing its new internal and external identity, reflecting the Firm's Will.

As part of the Will implementation which has required  peculiar ways to express its substance, the Firm moved into new premises, a historic monument located at 10 Dumbrava Rosie Street, District 2, Bucharest Romania. The 1920 historic monument as well as our restoration work to it are meant to illustrate:

  • Romania's noble origin  and tradition, the importance of the awareness of this origin and tradition, its historical continuity and affirmation as a nation with its own destiny, within the frame of its continuous European aspirations;
  • Romania's historical contribution to humanity, primarily centred on spirituality, that is to say art, science, philosophy and religion;    
  • the creation of a forum for providing support for our future contribution to humanity, as Romanians with European aspirations.



A coat of arms - a symbol of our knighthood in protecting and supporting - with faith and loyalty - our clients, Romanian’s contribution to humanity and its European aspirations.