New impact regulations of the electricity market

On 18 October 2016, the Chamber of Deputies has adopted the Law amending and supplementing (the “Amending Law") the Law on electricity and natural gas no.123/2012 (“Law no. 123/2012”).

The Amending Law was previously sent back to the Parliament by the President for a new voting, the initial version being criticised for the unclear provisions “that can generate a series of consequences with potentially negative effect in the field”. The Chamber of Deputies has largely dismissed all points raised by the President and has re-adopted the Amending Law almost entirely in the initial version.

At this point in time, the President has the alternative of either (i) enacting the Amending Law in the version adopted by the Parliament, or (ii) challenging the constitutionality of the Amending Law, if there are grounds for such course of action (unlikely).

We kindly invite you to navigate below through the main changes brought by the Amending Law: (available only in .pdf format).

This article was written by Cosmin Stăvaru and Alexandru Asaftei

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