Lobbying in Romania: where to?

On November 2nd, 2017, Bulboacă & Asociații organized the “Lobbying in Romania: where to?” debate. The theme and purpose of the event was to engage key actors from the public decision-influencing domain in an open dialogue concerning the status of lobbying activities in Romania and to offer new approaches for a proper development of the same in line with European policies and good practices.

Our speakers - Cristian Pârvan - General Secretary AOAR („The Businessmen’s Association of Romania), Joshua Burke - Commercial Attaché of the U.S. Embassy in Romania, Laura Florea  - President of The Romanian Lobbying Registry Association, and Mădălina Afrăsinie - Judge, President of VI-th Civil Division of the Bucharest Court - shared their educated views regarding the approach towards influencing the decision-making process of public authorities in a legal and legitimate manner.

Our speakers highlighted that any lobby related activity must comply with a set of minimum rules in order not to become a burden for the decision-making entities, nor to distort in any way democracy. Moreover, they emphasized the importance of making the difference between lobbying/advocacy vs. influence peddling.

Examples of good practice presented by the speakers, as well as key questions raised by the audience transformed the event into an active debate which allowed representatives of some of the most important companies in Romania, lobbyists, entrepreneurs and public affairs experts to also share their experiences and views on the topic.