„How the fox fooled a bear” – performance supported by Bulboacă & Asociații to the children from Sfântu Gheorghe, Tulcea

“I do not know how others are, but when I think of (...) toys and games full of the childlike humour and charm, I seem to exult with joy, even now!” (Ion Creangă)

This year, Bulboacă & Asociații carried out its team building exercise during September 8-11 in Sf. Gheorghe, Tulcea. Aside from the activities scheduled for this team building, the team Bulboacă & Asociații had the pleasure to meet the 55 children of the only Secondary School located in Sf. Gheorghe, Tulcea.

Our team’s involvement in the community where the Danube embraces the Black Sea it is part of a unique project of Bulboacă & Asociații within the Romanian Matrix – national cultural project of the law firm.

As part of the spiritual development, but also of the human relationships, B&A team members - together with the children of Sf. Gheorghe Secondary School, with their parents and grandparents, as well as with the teachers that accompanied them – remembered the adventures of the bear fooled by the fox from Ion Creanga’s story. The actors of Teatropolis Junior performed the show that Bulboacă & Asociaţii offered, the performance being followed by a traditional workshop within which Romanian handicrafts have been revived. In the end, the children enjoyed the gifts that B&A team members dearly offered.