Ennoblement at Bulboacă & Asociații

On 15 February 2016, the “Bulboacă și Asociații” law firm promoted Andrada Bulgaru - the coordinator of the insolvency practice  -, and Simona Pirtea - the coordinator of the criminal law practice -, to the position of Managing Associates. These promotions are the result of an organic growth within the firm, visible since the end of last year, when 5 other lawyers were promoted to the position of Senior Associates, namely George Chiocaru (banking and capital markets), Oana Drăgan (litigations and labour law), Andreea Hlihor (insolvency and litigations), Cătălin Petrea (insolvency and litigations) and Luciana Tache (M&A).

“Meritocracy is in the DNA of our Firm and, therefore, the promotion of our colleagues to the upper echelons of our profession comes both as a result of their professional contribution to the realm of the legal profession and as a result of their participation in the development of the Firm and its reputation, as well as the accomplishment of the «Bulboacă și Asociații» mission. Our colleagues were promoted to the position of Managing Associates after passing an international test of universal management skills, in order to jointly and substantially contribute to the mission that our Firm has undertaken, namely to create something noble, through our legal activity. We are lawyers but, at the same time, through the distinctive and top quality legal services provided to national and international clients – we are Romania’s indefatigable «knights», supporting our clients, Romania’s contribution to humanity and its European aspirations, with faith and loyalty”, said Adrian-Cătălin Bulboacă, Managing Partner.

The legal business with nobility

Last autumn, “Bulboacă și Asociații” completed its organisational transformation and rebranding process. Its new brand identity repositioned the firm around a unique business vision, that of proudly representing Romania, through the legal consultancy and assistance services provided to local and international clients, with faith and loyalty, thus also supporting Romania’s effort and contribution to humanity, as well as its European aspirations. 

This process included the definition of the credo which guides the activity of the lawyers, the changing of the company logo in order to reflect the new values of the firm, a redesign of the online and offline promotional materials and the relocation to a new office, a national cultural heritage building.