Dialogues by the Fireplace

Bulboacă & Asociații is pleased to host Burning Issues - Dialogues by the Fireplace - a monthly series of debates of Export Club.

Distinguished invited speakers, as well as a select audience of professionals - academics, business leaders, public intellectuals, politicians, diplomats, media personalities etc. - will get together once a month and engage in an informal dialogue on the forces and challenges that shape the world we live in, in a medium- and long-term perspective. From more abstract debates on globalization, the ‘spirit of capitalism’ or the symbolic geography of our continent to the concrete issues faced by Romania, its regions, its neighborhood, and the European Union, these dialogues address some of the most burning issues of our time. 

The series opens with:

Crisis, Unrest, and Change in 2015 Romania

Introduction and Moderation: Sorin Antohi

Invited Speakers: Vintilă Mihăilescu, Lazăr Vlăsceanu, Cătălin Augustin Stoica, Liviu Chelcea

Monday, December 14, 6:00 pm, 10 Dumbrava Roșie Street, Bucharest

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