Bulboacă și Asociații to launch the national cultural project ”The Romanian Matrix” (Matricea Românească)

As part of the implementation of our new identity, which reflects the firm's vision, Bulboacă & Asociații has launched on Wednesday, September 14th 2016, the national cultural project „Matricea Românească” (The Romanian Matrix).

The Romanian Matrix is our honest effort of retrieval, rediscovery and reassertion of the Romanian identity, a project that will help us revive the past, capitalize the present and plant the seeds of the future, in order to shape the prowess of our country within the context of its European aspirations.

Culture represents, ultimately, the solidarity forged by a shared historical experience, the adherence to the institutions that have marked this experience. The Romanian Matrix must therefore be understood not in an ethnic sense, but in the spirit of civic Romanian citizenship, of an inclusive Matrix that recognizes the contribution of all of its citizens, without any discrimination on account of race, nationality, ethnic origin, language, religion, sex, opinion, political adherence, property or social origin.

There was once a dream called Romania. Our mission is to remind it to those who have forgotten it, to those who are not aware of its existence or to those who simply stopped dreaming.

It is with great joy and excitement that we invite you to (re)discover The Romanian Matrix at www.romanianmatrix.com.