Bulboacă & Asociații to consolidate its tax consultancy practice by bringing in Adriana Stoian as Tax Partner

Bulboacă & Asociații SCA is consolidating its tax consultancy practice by bringing in Adriana Stoian as Tax Partner. Adriana will coordinate Bulboacă & Asociații Tax, an entity operating as an affiliate of the law firm since 2013.

With a professional experience spanning more than 16 years in the tax consultancy sector, Adriana oversaw an impressive number of M&A, group restructuring, business reorganisation and fiscal audit projects. 

I am happy to be joining the Bulboacă & Asociații squad. The innovating concept of the Bulboacă & Asociații business strategy has convinced me to join the firm and contribute to the mission the firm has undertaken – that of using our professional activity to create something noble. I feel we can build together for the future, by offering our clients all the tools they need: legal and tax services integrated in complex M&A, de-merger and reorganisation or group restructuring projects, including tax consultancy services covering all sectors, such as profit tax, VAT, revenue tax and social security, local taxes and fees etc.”, said Adriana Stoian, Tax Partner.

Adriana has coordinated significant projects of first class national and multinational corporations active in various industries such as retail, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, real estate, energy etc.

The legal business with nobility

Last autumn, Bulboaca & Associates completed its organisational transformation and rebranding process. Its new brand identity repositioned the firm around a unique business vision, that of proudly representing Romania, through the legal consultancy and assistance services provided to local and international clients, with faith and loyalty, thus also supporting Romania’s effort and contribution to humanity, as well as its European aspirations.

This process included the definition of the credo guiding the activity of the lawyers and consultants, the changing of the company logo in order to reflect the new values of the firm, a redesign of the online and offline promotional materials and the relocation to a new office, a national cultural heritage building.