Bulboacă și Asociații team advised D Moonshots, an investment fund created by Sacha Dragic, on the Medicai transaction

Bulboacă și Asociații team advised D. Moonshots, an investment fund created by Sacha Dragic, founder of the Superbet group, through legal advice based on preparing and assisting in negotiations, execution of documents, assistance in due dilligence process and assistance in structuring, signing and implementing the transaction. Congratulations to the entrepreneur Mircea Popa, founder of Medicai, for innovation and business growth.

Medicai is a technology start-up that aims to change how multidisciplinary medical teams collaborate with their patients through an online platform. The company received an investment of 500,000 euros in a financing round led by Sacha Dragic, the founder of the Superbet group, through the investment fund D Moonshots.

ROCA X, a technology investment fund dedicated to disruptive ideas, also participated in this investment round, which, together with the financial investments, offers knowledge and access to a network of exceptional entrepreneurs and specialists. Until this transaction, Medicai has also attracted funding from the venture capital investment fund GapMinder.

“Rapid adoption of recent months and the feedback from the first doctors of the platform has given both us and the investors confidence to take the platform to the next level. The fact that we managed in a short time to reach 150 doctors and 20% of them use the app every day clearly shows that there is a real need on the market. We believe in the need to bring a multidisciplinary approach to medicine, especially for serious illnesses, but for this to happen, we must give everyone access to a better way  to store, transmit and collaborate on medical data”, said Mircea Popa, founder and CEO of Medicai.

Through the Medicai platform, the patient has the possibility to store very easily its CDs or pictures from their data sticks to view and deposit them long term. From there, the user can give access to more doctors. Further, Medicai integrates with medical clinics and allows them to send imaging analyzes to patients directly through the platform itself or to collaborate with other clinics.