An excellent opportunity for ambitious lawyers to gain continuously unprecedent business and legal experience and mentality specific to investment banking.


Making available certain strategic practice areas to choose from, you can specialize in a field that aligns with your aspirations, passions and human fulfilment through professional excellency, but also you will have the opportunity to have a stellar performance in very challenging matters in the Romanian jurisdiction and not only.

A Rare Mentality

Bulboacă și Asociații proves that matters that have a high degree of complexity and sophistication reside in its DNA. Proactivity, strategic initiatives oriented towards robust solutions and a very business culture.

With a multidisciplinary modus operandi and a mentality similar to that of investment banks, Bulboacă și Asociații team operates an entire non-segmented cell, in order to respond robustly in the most difficult cases. It is a strong team, focused on practical solutions.

Our roots

A team of experienced and persevering lawyers

Our selection, promotion and reward system is primarily focused on talented and persevering lawyers, also interested in the business process, that supports our clients in solving their sensible and critical needs.

We work in teams that involve expertise from all relevant areas of law.

The strength of the team does not consist in the number of people who form the team, as at Bulboacă și Asociații there is a good number of relevant lawyers and consultants for a good number of sophisticated projects. Thus, whilst the projects are equally constantly challenging, the strength of our team stands out in the typology of mentality that is driving our team, most of the time.”

Our Squad

“Beyond the desire to do something extraordinary, which we still have today, I believe that we have managed to build something very important in these fifteen years: steadfastness.”

Adrian-Cătălin Bulboacă,
Managing Partner

Opportunities @ Bulboacă și Asociații